Delaware Votes for Animals
Every Citizen Makes a Difference.

When an elected official hears from one of their constituents, they notice
When they know that you are paying attention to a particular bill, they pay attention to that bill. And when they know that you are watching how they vote, that affects how they vote.  Your involvement can make a world of difference for the animals.

Brief overview of current issues and pending legislation:
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What is Our Mission?

Delaware Votes for Animals (DVFA) is the first and only Political Action Committee (PAC) for animals in Delaware.  DVFA is a nonpartisan organization that works to organize and engage Delaware voters and helps to elect animal-friendly legislators to support the passage of stronger animal protection laws in our state.

DVFA is registered with the State of Delaware as a PAC and with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501c(4) tax-exempt organization. 

Citizens who want strong legal protections for animals are urged to get involved. In states across the nation, people who care about animals are mobilizing, using the political process, and succeeding in passing strong laws to protect animals.

How Can DVFA Help You Become an Effective Advocate for Animals?

Join Delaware Votes For Animals and become part of the DVFA voting bloc.  A voting bloc is a group of voters that are so motivated by a specific concern or group of concerns that it helps determine how they vote in elections.  By joining DVFA, you are telling DE elected officials that you care about animals and you vote!

Our success depends on you.  Your participation is vital to succeeding on behalf of animals since the more members we have, the more influence we will have with Delaware politicians.  Your donations of time and money are also vital to our success.

DVFA is committed to creating an empowered and vocal community that can influence the legislative process.  Please join us - The animals need you

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