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Sample Scripts and Letters to Elected Officials
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When you contact your elected official, follow these simple tips:

  • Know your facts – Make sure any facts you share are accurate and that you understand the issue you are speaking about

  • Customize your message – Concisely share a personal story or how the issue affects you or the community you live in

  • Stay positive and polite – Communicate respectfully and positively.  Don’t threaten or use offensive language or tone.  Your representatives work hard to represent all of their constituents and deserve our respect.

  • Don’t miss an opportunity – Your elected officials are very busy and, therefore, you may not always be able to speak to them directly but instead may speak to an aide or assistant.  These aids/assistants are a vital part of your legislator’s staff and can be relied upon to make sure your message is heard.

Sample phone script:  Calls to your elected officials can be really quick and easy. They should be brief and polite. For example, on any particular bill, you can simply call your legislator's office and say: 

"Hello, I'm....(your name). I'm a constituent of Senator (his/her name) or Representative (her/his name) and I'm calling to express my support for (or opposition to) Bill (bill number). That's the bill that proposes (subject of the bill, such as "limiting the chaining of dogs.") I think this is a really good bill - it would help the dogs and help keep our community safer. Please urge Senator X (or Representative X) to support (HB or S Bill number). Thank you."

Sample letter:  Letters can be sent via email, fax, or as postal mail. 

Dear (The name of your Congressperson or Senator):

I am writing to urge you to support and cosponsor the American Horse Slaughtering Prevention Act (S. 1915).  S 1915 would prohibit the transport, moving, delivering, receiving, possessing, purchasing, selling, or donation of any horse to be slaughtered for human consumption.  Earlier this year, H.R. 503, an identical bill, was introduced in the House of Representatives and received a tremendous amount of support.  

The reason that I am asking you to support this bill is because each year, thousands of horses are cruelly slaughtered in this country to satisfy an overseas market for horsemeat.  Because the horses are slaughtered so inhumanely, I do not support the practice and hope that you do not as well.  I understand that maintaining the integrity of the economy is important and am happy to say that by supporting this bill, you will not be hurting the ranching industry.  Less than 1% of horses in the United States are sold and slaughtered for human consumption.  However, the horses do suffer and we need to protect them.   Many horses are injured in transport even before reaching the slaughter, some are shipped for more than 24 hours at a time without water or rest, and the methods used to slaughter these horses once they arrive at the slaughterhouse can be very inhumane.  The horses are often forced to endure repeated stuns or blows and some remain conscious during their slaughter.  I hope you would agree that this, or any type of animal cruelty is not acceptable.

Please support the American Horse Slaughtering Prevention Act so that the cruel and inhumane practice of horse slaughter is stopped.  

Thank you for your time and consideration of this matter.

(Your name and city)

Man with megaphone
You don't have to be loud
to get your point across.
Stay positive and be polite
when addressing your
elected officials.