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Current Issues in Delaware

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UPDATE: New Regulation for Coyote Hunting

On September 4, 2013, the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), held a public hearing in Dover, allowing interested parties to express their opinions regarding new regulations, which in part included a proposed hunting and trapping season for coyotes. At the hearing, supporters and opponents of the regulations presented their points of view. Hunting and trapping supporters called for a year-long, open hunting season for coyotes. Opponents urged DNREC to prohibit hunting and trapping altogether or limit seasons so coyotes would not be killed during months they are caring for pups. The comment period extended past the hearing and animal advocates had a very strong showing - submitting letters that matched the weight of pro-hunting/trapping groups. Groups like Delaware Votes For Animals, Delaware Action for Animals, and The Humane Society of the United States rallied their supporters, and letters opposing year-round hunting almost doubled the form letters sent in by the Trapping Association. When a final decision came down at the end of January, Delaware wildlife regulations were amended to permit a hunting season for coyotes from September 1 through the last day of February, as well as a trapping season from December 1 through March 10. Although this season extends beyond seasons in our neighboring states of Maryland and New Jersey, it does not encroach into pupping or denning season which was a priority concern for Delaware Votes For Animals.

One last point of interest, when the final numbers were in, comments elicited due to the September public hearing exceeded comments from any previous public hearing held not just by the Division of Fish and Wildlife, but all of DNREC. This shows how emotionally charged this issue was for both sides and not just for Delawareans but for people around the country who chimed in, including as far away as Alaska. DVFA thanks everyone for their support and looks forward to its next challenge.

Stop Proposed New Regulations by the Delaware Fish and Wildlife Department for Coyote Hunting

2013 | The Delaware Fish and Wildlife Department is considering new regulations for non-native and invasive wildlife, which include proposed hunting and trapping seasons for coyotes.  This is not good enough for some groups, who want permission to hunt coyotes year round, without season or limitations on take.  Delaware Action for Animals strongly opposes this idea, as hunting coyotes during pupping or denning seasons could result in orphaned pups, unable to survive on their own, which is irresponsible and inhumane.

Animal Welfare Taskforce Recommendations

The Animal Welfare Taskforce, which was established by Senate Joint Resolution 44 during the 147th General Assembly, has been meeting regularly since the summer to review animal welfare services, such as animal control and shelter standards, to identify opportunities for improvement.  The Taskforce will be submitting recommendations to the Governor, Speaker of the House of Representatives and Senate President by the end of March.  DVFA will review the list of recommendations in order to support important efforts to improve services for companion animals in the state.

Federal Legislation

No issues pending. Please check back.

  Contact information for U.S. Congressmen for Delaware:

Senator Tom Carper  Phone: (202) 224-2441 
Senator Chris Coons  Phone: (202) 224-5042 
Representative John Carney   Phone: (202) 225-4165

General Information on Delaware Legislation

As animal-related bills are introduced in Delaware, they will be posted to the HSUS state web site.
To read a short synopsis of each bill, or to view the entire bill, please click here.

To follow Legislation in the Delaware General Assembly, including Meeting Schedules and Bill-Tracking, visit the State of Delaware Official web site.

General Information on Federal Legislation

A number of bills to protect animals at the federal level are being considered.
To read a short synopsis of each bill, or to view the entire bill, please click here.

For in-depth analysis and the latest status on various bills, go to Animal Law Coalition.

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